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Welcome to NetRat's Detroit Lions Page

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Fan's 2002 Predictions

This page is dedicated to my favorite football team, the Detroit Lions.  For better or worse, I have pledged to root for my team regardless of their actions.  They may not always win, but they are always entertaining.
Email Record and choose Division Winner, Wildcard, or No-Playoffs

Draft 2003 Contest Results (Winner = DieHard)


It's a good thing I like challenges because there is nothing more challenging than being a Lions Fan!  (Those of you reading this who are also fans know exactly what I mean).  But I got to tell you, I think that Matt & Marty Mooch (hey, I have the right to change my mind, don't I?) are building a quality team, but not everyone agrees and that should make for some diverse estimates of their abilities.  I thought it would be fun to post the beliefs of fellow forum members before the season begins just to see how well we can foresee the unforeseeable.

Go to the forum by visiting the LionsForum at

If you want to play at picking the winning teams each week, try

If your into fantasy football (or would like an easy one to learn on), try: and sign up for gridiron.  The private league that BigCat created is MLive Lions and the password is lions2002.

Current Record 2002:  3 - 13 (Two correct predictions: REPENT and huck) 

Year 2001's closest guess (record = 2-14):    wolvy & the_iceman54 at 7-9 each.
(No one was even close)

Year 2000's closest guess (record = 9-7):    Torey Luvullo & Mrs Xer at 9-7 each.

The following salary cap summary has been compiled by TJLionheart of the M-Live Forum and then converted to HTML by myself.:

Click here to view the 2003 information, click back to return here.

Neither he nor I can speak for it's complete accuracy.  

For the 2002 version, click here.

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lionhelmet.gif (2684 bytes) Got a Lions Web Site to Share?  Email the Link to Me.

To be included: Email your prediction for the lions this year before the first game of the season.

NetRat: 8-8 No Playoffs

Mrs. Xer: 9-7 Wildcard

Archer: 9-7 No Playoffs

TC Football Fan: 8-8

katmandoo122: 4-12

J.S.: 5-11

LionFanInLA: 5-11

REPENT: 3-13

the_iceman54: 5-11

KennyT: 6-10

Sid: 8-8

Lazyroadie: 5-11

zqll: 4-12

Spoon: 4-12

sandman: 9-7


gollumweg: 6-10

BigCat: 7-9

Swive: 6-10

MichaelPSac: 4-12

Rubicon: 10-6


cabletech92: 7-9

OrigNorm: 9-7

BWS: 4-12

CarolinaBlue: 6-10

NyTrane: 6-10

BrianV: 10-6

YooperLion: 9-7

MBergman: 8-8

LionsFanatic: 5-11

mojo: 4-12

ragnarok: 5-11

huck: 3-13

BatchBoy: 5-11

miniMillen: 7-9

VmoneyNFloda: 9-7

Yooper Lion: 9-7

kiwi: 8-8

duckmando: 9-7

hondo: 7-9

Arch Stanton: 8-8

imom: 6-10

DLionsFan: 7-9

CALionFan: 8-8

IowaLion2: 6-10

ChicagoLion: 10-6 with 1 playoff win

Spider10: 4-12

torey luvullo: 5-11

Atrain: 8-8 on a late entry, but since it was the same as my prediction, I posted it.     :)


A couple of Pictures from Training Camp 2000 & 2001 (click on the picture to see the enlarged view)

IMAGE038.jpg (189876 bytes) My wife and Luther Ellis 2000

Me and Luther 2000 IMAGE066.jpg (190508 bytes)

 IMAGE019.jpg (375608 bytes) Matt Millen's Bike 2001

Charlie Batch 2001 IMAGE023.jpg (396720 bytes)

IMAGE016.jpg (392024 bytes) James Stewart 2001

Herman Moore 2001 IMAGE024.jpg (388988 bytes)

IMAGE017.jpg (404404 bytes) Jason Hanson signing my wife's Jersey in 2001

and other training camp 2001 images:

IMAGE008.jpg (364688 bytes)   IMAGE020.jpg (356380 bytes)

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